Stories from May 2015

Editorial - Physical fitness

Last week, BC hosted their Walk with your Doc initiative, which invites doctors and their patients throughout the province to participate in a short walk. Eighty per cent of Fernie doctors joined in the Annex Park walk, encouraging their patients to take advantage of the three km trek. During the walk doctors noted the importance of practicing what they preach. I believe this motto is something we should live by. People aren’t going to take medical advice from a doctor who is clearly out of shape. The same logic applies to the personal training profession. You wouldn’t hire a personal trainer who is clearly out of shape.

Walk with your Doc photos

Over 4,000 British Columbians got moving in the 6th annual Walk with your Doc. Patients and their doctors walked through forests, around neighborhoods, on sports tracks, and along piers. A big thank you to all of our partners who joined in on the fun, including the BC Physiotherapy Association, BC Parks and Recreation, and the First nations Health Authority.

Walk with your Doc on Shaw TV

Host Karen Elgersma, from Go! Island, takes part in Sidney's annual Walk with your Doc event and interviews Drs Fiona and Mandy Coleman about the associated physical and mental health benefits of walking every day

Walk for your health, says Sidney doctor

The simple act of placing one foot in front of the other can offer excellent health benefits — including for one’s mind and soul.

Dr Fiona Coleman, one of three doctors on hand at the annual Walk With Your Doc event at Sidney’s Rest Haven Lodge recently, says walking can be the gateway exercise to better overall fitness and health.

5 weekend events in and around Vancouver May 15-18

This event was started in 2010 to educate British Columbians about the health benefits of daily walking. Since then, there have been over 200 walks across BC with hundreds of doctors and thousands of people participating. As an added incentive to take a stroll, organizers are giving participants a free pedometer. Sign up online for a walk near you.

Fernie walks with their docs

Locals gathered at Annex Park on the morning of May 14 to walk with their doctor.

The provincial wide Walk with your Doc initiative brought together communities throughout British Columbia to engage in physical exercise, taking the necessary steps towards good health.

Organizer Sarann Press said the initiative, which she hopes will be run annually, is entailed to get patients moving.

Residents walked with their doc in Campbell River

Campbell Riverites took the opportunity to tell their doctors to take a hike in the annual Walk with your Doc.

About 30 people, most of them residents, staff and volunteers of Yucalta Lodge, joined Dr. Caitlyn McFadden in Monday’s sunny weather for a stroll down Cedar St. The walk, part of a series taking place throughout the province this week, was sponsored by the Campbell River and District Division of Family Practice.

Walk with your Doc!

Family physicians in South Delta took part in Walk With Your Doc last Saturday morning in Boundary Bay Regional Park. The third annual event, held in conjunction with the World Health Organization’s Move for Health Day, saw a large group of South Deltans take a stroll along the dike. Photos by Gord Goble

Walk With Your Doc invites community participation

Doctors, patients, caregivers and families will all join Thursday to promote the benefits of daily exercise. The annual Walk With Your Doc in Port Alberni will showcase people of all ages walking laps around Bob Dailey Stadium track. Many local health care providers are on board.

Dr. Daryl Lund will be there and said the message is an important one. "We tell patients to get exercise regularly and eat right but practicing what we preach is important," Lund said. "Make it a part of your daily life," he said. "It is like an investment. Pay yourself first before you call it a day."

Docs walk the healthy talk

Between heaving cross-fit types lumbering around city blocks like they just looted a medicine ball factory and pelotons of cyclists who, amazingly, all seem to have landed corporate sponsorship judging from their logo-laden kits, it’s not a stretch to see why one might feel intimidated by the prospect of getting fit in a city seemingly full of fit people.

But there’s nothing wrong with regular old walking to get the heart healthy, the blood moving, and to brush away mental cobwebs. So Metro Vancouver physicians got together Saturday morning to promote the idea of doing just that with Walk with Your Doc.