Walk with Your Doc - Cowrie Street Clinic Sechelt

Walk details

Ms. sonja Sorensen
Sunshine Coast Division of Family Practice
Date of Walk: 
Wednesday May 8, 5:15 pm


Cowrie Street Clinic
5699 Cowrie Street
Sechelt , BC
Participating Doctors: 
Dr. Paul Dhillon
Dr. Carmen Goojha
Dr. Chinmay Dalal
Dr. Joerg Jaschinski
Dr. Herman Mentz
Dr. Tal Kaikov
Dr. Inbal Steiner
Dr. Ruby Yee
Dr. Bryan Myhill-Jones
Dr. Antonio Menenzes
Dr. Doug Black
Dr. Ruan Van Rooyen
Dr. Pierre Du Plessis
Time to meet: 
5:15 pm
The Physiotherapy Association of British Columbia will lead a warm-up before this walk

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