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Why Do Doctors Of BC Want To Walk With Their Patients?

Because it's the best prescription for health they can give you!

Did you know that walking can have the same health benefits of running? It’s true! Walking is a simple and fun way for people of all ages and abilities to feel good and be fit. By adding just 30 minutes of brisk walking to your daily routine, you could:

Lose Weight

A 30 minute brisk walk can burn about 150 extra calories a day. The more you walk and the quicker your pace, the more calories you burn.

Boost Immune System

Walking has the power to lower your risk of getting high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, and heart disease.

Look & Feel Younger

Researchers have found that exercise can keep DNA healthy and young. How? By turning off the aging process in your chromosomes. In order to stay young, you have to keep your cells young.

Become Smarter

The mental effects of exercise are manifested much more rapidly than the physical. A study found that “exercise holds immediate benefits for affect and cognition in younger and older adults.”

A regularly active adult takes around 10,000 steps from morning until night. Participating in Walk With Your Doc means an additional 2,000- 3,000 steps.

Join A Walk Across BC!

Lakeside park walkRose Garden Cafe, 1923 Lakeside Dr
Nelson, British Columbia V1L 5Z3
05/10/20211730 Hosted by
Type Name  
Doctor Dr. David Little View Entry
Doctor Dr. Paul Edney View Entry
Host Mrs. Lori Anne Donald View Entry
Sunshine Coast Walk with your Doc4603
Sunshine Coast Highway
Davis Bay, British Columbia V0N 3A1
09/27/20215:30 Hosted by
Type Name  
Doctor Dr. Jeannette Gibbons View Entry
Doctor Dr. Sanam Javid View Entry
Doctor Dr. Ted Krickan View Entry
Doctor Dr. Suzanne Walter View Entry
Host Ms. Sonja Sorensen View Entry
Host Ms. Michelle Bruecker View Entry
Doctor Dr. Brenda Li Pak Tong View Entry
Doctor Dr. Adetunji Oremakinde View Entry
Doctor Dr. Olukemi Oremakinde View Entry
Doctor Dr. Rayna Sivakova View Entry
Doctor Dr. Annette McCall View Entry
Doctor Dr. Rob Lehman View Entry
Doctor Dr. Ron Mundy View Entry
Doctor Dr. Karen Forgie View Entry
Doctor Dr. Cristina Alzate View Entry
Walk with your health care team673 A Ave
Kaslo, British Columbia V0G1M0
09/25/202112:30pm Hosted by
Type Name  
Doctor Dr. Linda Johannson View Entry
White Rock Beach walkTotem Park
15400 Marine Dr
White Rock, British Columbia V4B 1C8
Walk with your health care team673 A Ave
Kaslo, British Columbia V0G1M0
09/18/202112:30pm Hosted by
Type Name  
Doctor Dr. Shelina Musaji View Entry
(virtual) Walk With Your Doc for communities from Chilliwack to Boston BarCity of Chilliwack, District of Kent, District of Hope, Boston Bar
Choose your neighbourhood or local trail
Chilliwack, British Columbia V2P 1P7
Gabriola Doc Walk725 Church Street
Gabriola, British Columbia V0R 1X1
09/24/20211600 Hosted by
Type Name  
Host Mr. Thomas Finn View Entry
Gold River601 Trumpeter Drive
GR Health Clinic
Gold River, British Columbia V0P 1G0
09/23/202118:00 Hosted by
Type Name  
Doctor Dr. Phil Clark View Entry
Doctor Mrs. Donna Schneider View Entry
Walk with Dr. Alice HoOakridge Centre, Med/Dent Bldg
Ste 226 - 650 West 41st Avenue
Vancouver, British Columbia V5Z2M9
09/23/202111 am
POSTPONED | Walk With Your Doc - Nanaimo Edition100 Comox Rd,
Maffeo Sutton Park under the Spirit Tent
Nanaimo, British Columbia V9R 3H7
09/25/202110:00 AM Hosted by
Type Name  
Doctor Dr. Kelvin Houghton View Entry
Doctor Dr. Betty Bartleman View Entry
Walk With Your Doc Sooke6660 Sooke Rd
Sooke, British Columbia V9Z0A5
REACH CHC- Walk With Your DocTrout Lake Park-look for the tent near the community center
3360 Victoria Drive
Vancouver, British Columbia V5N 4M4
09/24/20213 pm Hosted by
Type Name  
Doctor Dr. Justine Stewart View Entry
Doctor Dr. Lloyd Purdy View Entry
Doctor Dr. Lalya Wickremasinghe View Entry
Doctor Dr. Birinder Narang View Entry
Host Faith Tang View Entry
Doctor Dr. Dolly Lin View Entry
Host Gloria Yuen View Entry
Host Seth Rabovsky View Entry
Host Pam Toor View Entry
Doctor Dr. Kay Fung View Entry
Host Kait Stephenson View Entry
Host James Hunter View Entry
Host Anne Khong View Entry
Host Abeer Hatab View Entry
Host Jas Khurana View Entry
Host Danica Lumb View Entry
Host Vivianna C View Entry
Host Nicole Lemire View Entry
Host Aleksandra View Entry
Host Daisy Kler View Entry
Golden Grove Care Home - Walk With Your DocGolden Grove Care Homes
130 Strathcona Wa
Campbell River, British Columbia V9H 0B1
09/24/20214:00pm Hosted by
Type Name  
Doctor Dr. Willem Prinsloo View Entry
Host Ms. Jacklyn Walker View Entry
UBC Health Clinic Walk with your Docs5950 University Blvd, 320
Vancouver, British Columbia V6T 1Z3
09/24/202112:30 Hosted by
Type Name  
Doctor Dr. Christie Newton View Entry
Doctor Dr. Joy Russell View Entry
Doctor Dr. Vincent Wong View Entry
Doctor Dr. Serena Verma View Entry
Doctor Dr. Kristen Sundvick View Entry
Doctor Dr. Katerina Pezarro View Entry
Doctor Dr. Chandni Nijjar View Entry
Doctor Dr. Olivia Tseng View Entry
Doctor Dr. Susan Hollenberg View Entry
Doctor Dr. Cailey Lynch View Entry
Other Ms. Geeta Kalha View Entry
Other Ms. Kathie McAran View Entry
Other Ms. Rowena Molo View Entry
Other Ms. Spomenka Majstoric View Entry
Other Ms. Leizl Gazzingan View Entry
Doctor Dr. Carl Wiebe View Entry
Doctor Dr. Ian Scott View Entry
Doctor Dr. Kristin Zahynacz View Entry
SND Division Walk with your Doc!Tynehead Park - 16689 96th Ave
Surrey, British Columbia V3S5A5
09/22/20216:30 PM
NHCS Walking Club8200 Kerr St
Everett Crowley Park
Vancouver, British Columbia V5S 4G5
09/22/20211045 Hosted by
Type Name  
Doctor Dr. Asae Tanaka View Entry
Doctor Dr. Sumiko Yoshikawa View Entry
Host Ms. Hiroko Negishi View Entry
WWYD Parksville - Blue Merle Medical ClinicBlue Merle Medical Clinic
1-100 Lombardy Street
Parksville, British Columbia V9P 0G4
09/23/20211400 Hosted by
Type Name  
Doctor Dr. David Owen View Entry
Doctor Dr. Mirka Owen View Entry
Courtenay Air Park Walk2799 Mansfield Drive
Courtenay, British Columbia V9N 8B1
09/26/202111:45 Hosted by
Type Name  
Doctor Dr. Ron Wilson View Entry
Doctor Dr. Laura Bell View Entry
Doctor Dr. Asmaa Abdulkader View Entry
Doctor Dr. Adewale Ganiyu View Entry
Comox Marina Park Walk27 Port Augusta Street
Comox, British Columbia V9M3M9
09/26/202111:45 Hosted by
Type Name  
Doctor Dr. Ron Wilson View Entry
Burnaby Walk with your DocConfederation Park - Run/walk Track
250 Willingdon Avenue
Burnaby, British Columbia V5C5E9
09/23/20216:30 PM Hosted by
Type Name  
Doctor Dr. Davidicus Wong View Entry
Host Ms. Leona Cullen View Entry
Doctor Dr. Charlene Lui View Entry
Doctor Dr. Albert Lui View Entry
Doctor Dr. Hyemi Chang View Entry
Doctor Dr. Jennifer Moore View Entry
Doctor Dr. John Rideout View Entry
Other Mr. Ron Hall View Entry
Host Rainy Kent View Entry
More info / registration
Pacific Spirit Regional Park5210 University Blvd
Vancouver, British Columbia V6T2H5
09/18/202111:00 Hosted by
Type Name  
Doctor Dr. Melissa Lem View Entry
Doctor Dr. Linda Thyer View Entry
Doctor Dr. Rashimi Chadha View Entry
Omineca Medical ClinicOmineca Medical Clinic
3348 Hospital Road
Vanderhoof, British Columbia V0J3A2
09/24/202112:00 Hosted by
Type Name  
Doctor Dr. Aryn Khan View Entry
Host Ms. Jaclyn Sawtell View Entry
Host Ms. Jennifer Little View Entry
Doctor Dr. Rebecca Janssen View Entry
Campbell River Community Walk With Your DocRobert V Osler Park
902-946 Island Highway
Campbell River, British Columbia V9W2C3
09/25/202110:00 Hosted by
Type Name  
Doctor Dr. Dieter DeBruin View Entry
Host Ms. Sadie Mack View Entry
Host Ms. Julie Collis View Entry

Event Organizers

Be part of the walking movement, and let your patients know they can walk with their doc!

Since 2010 Walk With Your Doc, has helped physicians and patients build healthier relationships. By hosting or attending a Walk With Your Doc, you are “walking the talk” about the benefits of daily activity while demonstrating to your patients that you care about their well being.

Doctors and event organizers will receive support every step of the way with posters, pamphlets, balloons, pedometers, communications support and much, much more.

Event organizers can host a walk by registering as a host. Doctors of BC will respond within 2 days.


Download the Walk With Your Doc logo files and posters for your own marketing. JPG and PNG formats available

Walk With Your Doc Brand Guide

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The Physiotherapy Association of British Columbia is once again partnering with Doctors of BC for Walk With Your Doc, a great opportunity to connect with communities across the province to walk and talk about the benefits of being physically active.

BC physiotherapists invite all walk hosts to Ask a Physio to lead a warm up and stretch and walk side-by-side with them at any of the Walk With Your Doc events province-wide. Simply indicate your interest when you sign up to host a walk and PABC will get in touch.

If you are a physiotherapist and would like to join a walk, please contact PABC here.